The Spell Bee carnival, true to its edutainment genre offers an optimal mix of context based learning and a whole truckload of fun, and in the process keeps young minds progressively engaged. The meticulously planned event antes up with every level, takes kids through a journey of cerebral constructs and contextual awareness of the powerful role spelling of words play in conveying ideas and connecting with the world around.  All this along with a lighter dimension of joie de vivre which enables them to shed inhibitions, think on their feet, network and work together, set goals and eventually reach for the stars in every activity they choose to perform or pursue. The Spell Bee carnival unlocks potential thinking pathways for your kid and also provides them with a voice for thoughts they could never communicate in the past. This is neurological exercise meets roller coaster ride at its best.

We have kept the spelling bee experience thought provoking, buoyant in terms of bonhomie and competitive which teaches them to push each other to be the best versions of themselves. They will all walk home winners at the end of the day, eventually it is the learning and sharing that counts

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